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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Finding Happiness Within Yourself

Finding Happiness Within Yourself

Finding Happiness Within Yourself

This article is about finding happiness within yourself. Looking for happiness is a tough thing to do these days. So much happening in this world of the detrimental nature it's arduous to find the contentment and peace of mind we all crave. Every person in this world desires it but sometimes it is so elusive. It is hard to find and keep.

So, What's Happiness Anyway?

It seems happiness is quite difficult to define. It is more of an internal feeling - we all know when we've it and we all know when we don' have it, but it surely is hard to put into words. In my Google search under "definition for happiness," I came up with over 944,000,000 links. Though I did not read all of them, I found a lot of them worthwhile, but only a few exactly the same!

When I think about happiness, here is what comes to mind: internal contentment; an internal feeling of pleasure, zest, wellbeing, or aliveness that exists when you find yourself fully engaged in the pursuit of anything meaningful; when you are totally connected with yourself.


So How Do I Find More of This Happiness Feeling?

Though many people consider that happiness will come with some achievement, a certain amount of money, certain body weight or dimension, or a certain material "thing,". Research has proven that these short-term activities or achievements, though they feel good briefly, don't necessarily lead to achievement or long-term happiness. Those things do really feel good recently, however, aren't going to result in long-term happiness.

So, what do we know about finding more happiness in our lives? Well, research shows that although genetics and life circumstances (gender, race, financial status) collectively might account for about 60 % of our level of happiness, the remaining 40% is in our own control.


As a worrier by nature, from a family with, shall we say, its fair proportion of serotonin deficiencies, I discover this an unlimited relief! There are TONS I can do (and have done) to counteract my "set level" and there may be plenty YOU can do, too, to reset YOUR happiness "set level." Just find happiness within yourself.


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Listed below are 47 tips about finding happiness within yourself.

  • 1. Rise early and Shine embrace the morning
  • 2. Less is more, be aware of the stress
  • 3. Pace yourself, do what you possibly can, however, don't overdo
  • 4. Be patient, persistence is a virtue
  • 5. Reach out to your inner being and be compassionate
  • 6. Search for your true passion and stick to it
  • 7. Exercise frequently
  • 8. Healthy meals imply happy life
  • 9. Calm down and meditate
  • 10. Be organized in your own way
  • 11. Be optimistic, don't fall let yourself fall into a pit of desperation
  • 12. Make your finances easier
  • 13. Easier life is a happier one
  • 14. Think about what you have and accept it
  • 15. See the picture of the proper life
  • 16. Have long-term targets in your mind
  • 17. Take into consideration your mission in this life
  • 18 Think about what massive activity you have on this week or for the day
  • 19. Stay focused
  • 20. The journey is half the fun, keep in mind to get pleasure from it
  • 21. Follow your own personal morning and evening routine
  • 22. Have deep, meaningful and profound relationships
  • 23. Pay your debts
  • 24. Keep in mind to enjoy the little pleasure in your life
  • 25. Have an empty inbox and a clear desk
  • 26. Have an emergency fund
  • 27. Write in a journal every day
  • 28. Rely on the people around you
  • 29. Prolong your knowledge by reading, read to others
  • 30. Maintain what kind of information you internalize
  • 31. Don't forget to chill out
  • 32. Your life is happening now not yesterday not tomorrow
  • 33. Build yourself a fort of equanimity
  • 34. Take time to bond with your family and loved ones
  • 35. Be your own hero
  • 36. Cease comparing yourself to others
  • 37. Take into account benefits are important not difficulties
  • 38. Don't forget to pray
  • 39. Pick your battle and learn how to lose
  • 40. Enter the flow
  • 41. Frugality is the answer
  • 42. Small and Slow but efficient
  • 43. Find a way to cope with detractors
  • 44. Spend your time outdoors
  • 45. Stop and enjoy the little things
  • 46. Get lazy sometimes
  • 47. Provide your help to those in need


Happiness just isn't found in outside sources; it comes from within you. Analysis continues to point out that people who are wealthy and powerful are often sad, but people who have little or nothing seem to be happy with life. If you always place your happiness in something else, you'll never be fulfilled. You have to find happiness within yourself.

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