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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Home Remedies to Reduce Salt in Body

Home Remedies to Reduce Salt in Body

Home Remedies to Reduce Salt in Body

I’m sure you’ve been hearing this for years that food with salt is bad for health. It contains too much sodium. Unfortunately, in today’s world, consuming fast foods and packaged food is ubiquitous. But they disturb your salt balance of the body. OK, let’s be honest. You need a specific amount of it for your body. But what if it raises. In this article, I’ll share some home remedies to reduce salt in your body. 


Difference Between Sodium and Salt

Salt and sodium are not the same things. Salt is a chemical component. It comprises of 40% sodium and 60% chloride. Thus, it is the most significant contributor of sodium for your body. Other things you eat also contain sodium but in a lesser amount.


Is Salt Good or Bad for You?

The fact is salt is a necessity for your body to work optimally. Your body utilizes it for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. Salt also provides an osmotic balance to your body. But remember, you must intake salt in a concentration of fewer than 2000 mg per day. You must reduce your salt intake if you’re suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease. Also, in everyday meals, you should not consume too much salt as it is harmful to your kidneys. It may result in a stroke or heart failure. The best thing for you is to take the right salt in the right amount. 


Quality Versus Quantity

Taking 2000mg of salt of good quality in one day is considered normal. But you might be thinking, what is that quality? Usually, people don’t categorize salts and believe that every type of salt is the same. If you’re one of them, get to know that some salts have excellent specifications. There are three main types of salts:


1. Sodium chloride

It is the ordinary table salt used in everyday life. A lot of chemicals are added to it during refining. So, overall, it’s not good for your health.

2. Sea Salt

Unrefined sea salt is right for your health. But, it’s rare to find. And, processed sea salt doesn’t have vital nutrients as the organic one. 

3. Celtic Sea Salt

It is generally known as dried sea salt, the salt required for your good health. He best thing about this salt because it is available in its original form with all the essential nutrients in it. So, made it a part of your diet.

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Home Remedies to Cut Back on Salt

Doctors usually recommend a low-salt diet to people suffering from hypertension and heart diseases. Thankfully, reducing salt from your diet is not a hard nut to crack. The best home remedy to reduce salt in your body is to make low-sodium healthy food choices.

You can follow these simple home remedies to reduce salt from your body.


1. Avoid Packaged/Processed Foods

Processed, canned, and frozen foods contain more salts as compared to natural foods. So, avoid them. Cut back on salty chips and snacks. They provide more than the average quantity of salts. Just make it a habit to take nutritional labels on any food item to keep track of your sodium intake. 


2. Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Make a habit of eating fruits and vegetables regularly. They contain a meager amount of sodium. But prefer fresh fruits and vegetables over the canned one.


3. Healthy Cooking

While cooking food avoid the usage of excessive salt. Go for natural herbs and spices rather than the processed ones.

4. Try to Cook at Home

This is one of the best home remedies to reduce salt in the body. It would help if you tried to avoid the food from restaurants and try to cook at home. It will be healthier, containing low salt.

5. Avoid Fast Food

Fast food such as pizzas and burgers contain a large number of salts. Therefore, for a healthier life, they must be avoided.


Excess consumption of salt is hazardous for your health. It causes many heart and kidney problems. You should consume the optimum amount of salt. Above explained home remedies to reduce salt in the body can be helpful if you want to cut back on salt. You should adopt them for a healthy life.

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