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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

How To Improve Your Memory For Studying?

How To Improve Your Memory For Studying?

Most of the students face the problem of forgetting things during the exam and want to improve their memory for studying. But they don't know what to do and how to remember things for a more extended period. People consider them dumb, inattentive and use such other kinds of words for them. If you're one of them, this article is for you. Also, if you want to improve your long-term memory for studying follow the below-mentioned points.


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1. Remain Attentive

The most crucial reason for forgetting lectures is that you were not attentive while taking those lessons. Your teacher was teaching, and you're submerged in your thoughts or were chatting with your friends. In such a case, it's not possible to remember what your teacher has taught. So, try to pay attention to what you're listening to. Eliminate all the unnecessary thoughts from your mind and focus on the thing which you're learning. Sit straight rather than in your comfort mode. Your gaining power will improve, and you'll be able to remember things for an extended period.


2. Do Not Cram

If you cram rather than understanding the concept, you will never be able to remember that thing for long. Because, in such a case, the information will store in your brain for a short time. You will not be able to use that knowledge in the future. So, if you want to improve your memory for studying and do active learning, try to explore the topic in-depth and rather than cramming.


3. Organize Your Tasks

Set the proper time for studying. Train your mind to study at that time. Also, the place where you'll study should be clean and organized. Place all the relevant notes and handouts nearby to avoid distractions. Your remembering power will improve as your mind will be relaxed and focused on study rather than in mixed up stuff.

4. Use Mnemonics Techniques

Always relate your study stuff to a thing in your surroundings to remember it better. For Example: As the scientific name of oats is Avena sativa, I used to remember it by relating it to the name of my friend Alveena. You can make your mnemonics to remember things for an extended time.

5. Relate Your Findings and Focus

To improve your memory for studying, try to relate your one lecture to the other. Different topics of the chapter are always connected to some extent. Make linkages between them and create a map in your mind. And, one more thing, never study or learn by lowering down your head. Always put the book or notes in front of you for better learning. Then, focus. Focus on what you are studying. Think about what you're reviewing rather than other stuff. Practice it, and you'll find that your restoring power of information is improved.

How To Improve Your Memory For Studying?


6. Visualize what you are studying

Just try to visualize what you are studying to improve your memory. For example, if you're reviewing a story, consider yourself a part of the story. If you're studying biology, consider yourself a cell or anything in your lecture. Whatever you're studying, become a part of it. Your understanding of the concept will increase, and you learn much better. Also, you'll be able to remember that thing for a more extended period.


7. Repeat what you have learned

Continuous repetition of study material stores that information to the long-term memory of the student. Suppose you want to remember that particular thing for a more extended time repeat it often or think about it when you are free. Make it a habit to revise your lectures. It will help you to improve your memory.


8. Eat some sweets while studying

Eat some Sweets while you're studying because it will boost up your energy level. Although the excessive sugar is bad but taking a few bites of chocolate during your study time will improve your concentration. And if you want to eat healthily, you can use different juices. They will improve your memory for studying.


9. Eat Healthily

If you want to improve your memory, always eat healthily. Your mind and body functions will only wake in the right way if you are healthy. And a proper diet is most famous for being healthy. Also, try to eat some almonds regularly and other dry fruits to boost your memory.


10. Take proper sleep

Your mind needs a sound sleep of 8 to 10 hours to work correctly. At any time of your life, if you ever think to quit your sleep and study at that time, you will be unsuccessful in that part because sleep deprivation is not the solution to anything. You cannot study anything by quitting your sleep time. Also, sleep is essential for your brain to process information for the whole day. So, take a sound sleep regularly for a healthier mind. If you're not agreed with me, read the following article:

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At last, I want to say that if you're going to improve your memory for studying or for anything you must be focused. Just pay attention to things happening in your surrounding and train your brain to remember that information. Be focused and attentive, and live a happy life.

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